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30+ Putlocker Proxy and Unblocked Mirror Sites

Now as is no longer available and so we need to look for the alternatives to putlocker. I was also a big fan of this site and when it got blocked from my region, I started looking for the putlocker proxy so that I can access it again.

Before moving ahead, let’s talk about what is putlocker?

Putlocker proxy

What is putlocker?

Putlocker is one of the largest torrent sites. That means to say, it allows you to download movies online free. Like any other torrent site, putlocker also work on the P2P file-sharing technology. It allows internet users to download any kind of data and share it with others.

With time, when putlocker started getting popular the piracy got increased. Now you can find any movies, videos, TV shows, at putlocker for free. And so, like any other torrent site, governments and internet service providers started banning putlocker.

So, now in many location including the one where I live, putlocker is no longer available directly.

What’s the solution then?

Well, the first solution is putlocker alternatives which we will talk about some other day.

The other solution is to use a putlocker proxy!

In this post, we’re going to talk about the putlocker proxy list and putlocker unblocked mirror sites.

What is a putlocker proxy?

Putlocker proxy is a way using which you can access the putlocker site even if it is banned in your area. Usually, the blocking of any site is getting done on the basis of IPs and if some new IPs will be provided then there is a chance that the ISP (internet service provider) won’t detect and allow access to the site.

The same thing is getting done by putlocker proxy. Putlocker proxy server will basically turn your real IP address to some fake IP address of other location and by this way, you’ll be able to have access to the putlocker site.

Now let’s see what all putlocker proxy list or putlocker mirror sites are available which allows you to access putlocker.

Putlocker proxy list/putlocker mirror sites

Mirror sites are those sites which are exactly the replica of the original site and people use it in case the original is not available. In case of putlocker mirror site, when putlocker started getting blocked, many putlocker mirror sites involved which serve the same purpose.

These sites are getting created on either similar domain with a different extension or a completely new domain. The duration is not known till when these will be active but as we have plenty of putlocker mirror site and so, if not the one then other will be there.

Here is a list of putlocker proxy sites which you can use in case the original is not working in your area. By the time, I am writing this article, all these putlocker mirror sites are working and we keep on updating the post.

If anyone is not working for you then just move to the next in the list and try. Also, please comment that name in the comment section so that we can update it on our list as well.

Putlocker Proxy/MirrorStatusSpeed
Putlocker Proxy/MirrorStatusSpeed
https://put-locker.toONLINEFast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
http://putlocker.todayONLINEVery Fast

Other ways to access the putlocker site

Although you can easily access the putlocker site using the above putlocker proxy or putlocker mirror sites. But the problem is many times these putlocker mirror sites changes their domain and so again become hard to trace.

Although we keep on checking these links and update this putlocker proxy list time by time but still these changes so fast that sometimes, it missed out.
So, here is the solution for it!

VPN- yes, you can use VPN also to access the blocked putlocker site. There are thousands of VPN solutions which you can use to unblock putlocker site. Here are some of the leading VPN names to unblock putlocker.

  • HidemyIP
  • GooseVPN
  • PrivateInternetAccess
  • CyberGhost

Apart from the above, you may also use the browser extension for the VPN which is even free to use.


These were 100% working putlocker proxy lists and putlocker mirror sites. Using these ways, you can easily unblock putlocker site and start enjoying free movie download and free online movie streaming. You can also use putlocker alternatives sites in case these are not working at all sometimes.

Also, as these sites promote piracy and so, we highly recommend you using the VPN while accessing these sites. As access, these are illegal and less secure as well. So, make sure you’re using any VPN services before you access these putlocker proxy sites.

Putlocker Mirror Sites

Putlocker Unblocked Websites

Putlcoker is a leading online movie download site but as it is not working and so, these putlcoker mirror sites will work for you. These are the putlocker replica and works perfectly.

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