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A Beginner Guide To Pay Per Call

Pay per call is a leading form of advertisement nowadays due to its own benefits. The benefits include low cost and high conversion among the major one.

No matter whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, pay per call is beneficial to both the parties with good knowledge about the ad type. If you don’t have enough information, we’d encourage you to enroll in Ringba’s free pay per call masterclass which can help you manage the profit in a better way.

pay per call beginner guide

As per the recent data shown, in 2018, mobile search has driven around 73 billion inbound phone calls to the business. Also, around 70% searches call the business directly which is really an amazing sign.

An overview to pay per call advertising

In pay per call kind of advertising, advertisers pay to the publishers for the qualified leads. The publisher who wishes to promote the campaign earns commission for every call made to the business. This way, the business saves some good amount of money for the false leads and publishers earns more for the qualified leads. Usually, the pricing per lead for pay per call is more than any other form of advertising.

What all things to consider while launching the campaign?

Before you start the pay per campaign, you need to decide many parameters which will help you decide and manage the campaigns. Here are some of the important parameters and factors you should consider-

  • What are the goals you wish to achieve from the pay per call campaigns?
  • What demographics are you targeting?
  • Are your campaigns location specific or generalized?
  • At what times will you be placing your ads?
  • Which platforms will you be using? Will they be online or offline?
  • How you’ll be tracking the campaign result and manage the lead

Why you should use the pay per call campaign?

The major reason for choosing the pay per call campaign is the result. The result of companies receive is way more than any other form of advertisement. And this is the major reason behind the popularity of the pay per call advertisements.

Usually, what happens if there is any display advertisement then there is always a chance of random click or invalid click. In that case, the publisher needs to pay for that. But that is not the case with pay per call campaign.

Another benefit of pay per call advertising is, it has been seen that including the phone number increases the ad CTR by 30% which increase the order values by 1.5-2 times.

This has increased the conversion rate of pay per call advertising to 30-50% compared to the 1-3% of a display advertisement.


These were some of the basic details to get started with the pay per call campaigns. If you’re looking for some quality leads, pay per call is the solution for you.

But it is advisable to you to first get complete details about the advertisement then get started with the ad. Also, you need to check if this ad is beneficial for your nature of the business.

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