6 Basic Questions about Pay Per Call

Usually, I see people keep on asking about the pay per call advertisement. Being it comparatively new, I thought to write a post to clear some of the doubts for the beginners here. Let’s start and see some of the basic questions asked for the pay per call advertisement.

pay per call basic questions

Pay Per Call Basic Questions- Easy Understanding Guide

Let’s start and see some of the pay per call basic questions which will help you understand this advertisement system. These basic questions about pay per call will also help you get started with the campaigns.

#1 What is pay per call?

Pay per call is a kind of advertisement where the advertisers pay to the publishers when someone calls to the company on the number given. Here the successful lead is not if someone clicks on it rather it will be successful if someone will call on the number shown on the advertisement.

#2 How much one can earn from pay per call?

Well, that depends on the success rate. The average conversion rate of pay per call is around 26% and which is way more than any other form of advertisement. Also, the payout of pay per call is way more than any other kind of ads. And so, you can earn some decent amount even with the little traffic.

#3 How can I learn about pay per call?

There are plenty of resources and courses available on the internet now. The one that I recommend is pay per call training. This training is by the leading pay per call tracking software company Ringba and this is good to go ahead of course for all. The best thing is, this is a dedicated course for all and is completely free.

#4 How are these calls tracked?

You need to use the inbound call tracking software for tracking such calls. There is much such software out there in the market. The one which we recommend is Ringba which offers end-to-end call tracking and analytics solution for everyone.

#5 Which niche works best with pay per call

Although all the niches you can work with but usually those niches where ticket size is more and there is some handsome amount of profit involved, pay per call works best. Usually, the niches like law, financial services, legal entities, electronics items, loans and credit cards, etc. works amazingly well.

#6 Where I can get pay per call campaigns?

There are many platforms which offer pay per call related campaigns. But you should select the platform very carefully as every platform has its own payment threshold and so, you should select it carefully. While deciding which platform to select, you may look for-

  • Kind of offers available
  • The average payout of the campaigns
  • Payment terms and payment period
  • Customer support
  • Niche available etc.

If someone is making to these offers then you can select these platforms. Here are some of the leading pay per call platforms- Palo Media, 7ROI, Astoria Company, CityGrid, 33 Mile Radius, etc.


These were some of the common questions asked by beginners in the forum or social media. We have compiled all those basic questions and have tried to answer a few of those which will help you get started. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment here.

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