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8 Must-Have Office Supplies to Ensure a Seamless Working Experience

Ever had to turn to your colleague in the next cubicle to ask for a pair of scissors? Do you find the mess in your desk to be too distracting? Are you often losing track of where you last put your office essentials?

must have office supplies

Whether you’re moving into a new office or reworking your current one, you want a desk with all the tools you’ll need. Being prepared with everything you need also makes for a great first impression. You’re showing everyone at the workplace that you didn’t come empty.

8 Must Have Office Supplies for Great Working Experience

We have a list of eight must-have office supplies you need for your job. Read on and find out what you may still be lacking.

1. Must-Have Office Supplies: Organizers

desk organizerNot everyone is comfortable with a cluttered workspace. Although there are studies about messy geniuses, the likelihood is they need at least one organizer for the very important things. This is why organizers are important even to the muddled creatives.

Organizers vary in form and use. If you’ve got tons of paper stacked in different places, you might want to get a file organizer first. There are also desk organizers for clips, pens, and other miscellaneous office essentials.

If you’re allowed to hammer a wall organizer, you can also do that. This way, you take out the clutter from your desk. Place anything you don’t use often on the wall organizer and leave on your desk the important tools.

2. Standing Desk

standing deskSitting for too long isn’t healthy for you. It can cause back pain and leg pains. This is why more people are looking into getting standing desks.

The problem is, if you already have a desk, it won’t be easy to replace it with one meant for standing. You’re in luck because portable standing desks are on the market.

These are often smaller desks you can place on top of your sitting desk so you can work while standing. There are brands that only need unfolding for the easiest setup. Some brands offer automated desks.

There are desks that are already built for standing. For these, you can get a stool to sit on when your feet get tired.  There are desks that have adjustable surfaces that you can use for standing or sitting.

3. Wrist Rests

Wrist RestsDo you use your computer in the majority of your working hours? How comfortable are your hands? If you aren’t positioning them the right way, you could get carpal tunnel syndrome.

A wrist rest should support your palms. Whether it’s made of gel or foam, they should be thick enough to be able to keep the underside of your arm from resting on the sharp edge of the desk. The pressure on the underside of your arm can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

There is wrist rests long enough to cover the length of your keyboard. Place this kind close to the keyboard edge and rest your palms on them lightly as you work. There are also wrist rests attached to a mouse pad.

4. Notes for Sticking

Notes for StickingWe’re aiming for a paperless workplace and so sticky notes become one of the must have office supplies. Still, post-it notes can’t seem to leave the office supplies list. They’re great for reminders, short messages, and, well, notes.

Other than the bright, refreshing colors, these sticky bits of paper are useful for leaving messages when a colleague isn’t around. They’re also great for noting random ideas that flash into your mind you might want to get back to later. You can also jot down unfamiliar but handy keyboard shortcuts.

Mark important events or dates down on your calendar with stick-on notes. The fun thing about post-it notes is you can never run out of writing space. This is because you can always stack them on top of each other.

Color-code cables with the smaller post-it notes. You can even use them out of the office! Your car might not remind you about your headlights but your post-it notes will.

5. Laptop Computer

laptop computerLaptop or computer is another must have office supplies. If you’re a desktop user, consider getting a laptop. Sometimes your mobile phone or tablet isn’t enough to get by. What if you’re rushing to get something done but your office PC is under repair?

Laptops are great for one very important reason: they are portable PCs.

In essence, you could download and install the programs you use at work. You could work on important presentations in your free time on the weekends.

In cases of hours-long power outages, a fully-charged laptop can give you 3-4 hours more of digital work. It’s one of the best office gadgets you could have.

6. Corkboard and Pushpins

Cork Board and PushpinsYou want to pin things onto the wall, but let’s admit it. After some time, a wall that’s filled with a thousand tiny holes doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look clean and it’s troublesome to fix.

This is why you need corkboards. Pin your notes, signage, photos, and doodles there. Their purpose is, after all, to have things pinned on them.

Corkboards are also great solutions for office spaces with concrete walls. You can’t use thumbtacks on concrete walls. You might as well hang a corkboard to use the empty wall space for pinning things.

7. Electric Kettle

Electric KettleAre you a coffee lover? Need more than a couple of cups to keep you going? Is the break room a good distance from your office space?

Then you might as well get an electric kettle of your own. There are many brands that carry small detachable electric kettles. There are also many models that can do more than heat water up.

There are models that already have coffee filters for ground coffee. In technical terms, they’ve got mini coffee machine-kettle hybrids on their hands. All you’ll need is sugar and creamer nearby.

Electric tea kettles are also available for tea lovers. If you want fast-boiling kettles, they are also available. Some models have features that keep extra water at specific temperatures.

There are many more things you can add to stay refreshed at work. You can change your workplace to make it refreshing. Read more here.

8. Office Chair

office chairHere we have the last of our office essentials, but this is quite important. Without it, your working experience might not be as comfortable as it could have been.

We’re talking about an office chair, of course. We don’t simply mean any office chair. We want you to get an ergonomic and comfortable one.

Your job likely lasts the typical eight hours. More if you work overtime. So, you need an office chair that will give you lasting comfort.

Find something that is worth the money. If you’re on a budget, save up for one that will be worth the wait. Comfort is your aim with getting an office chair.

The more comfortable you are, the more efficient you are.

Get the Best Office Experience Using these Must have office supplies

That’s it for our list of must-have office supplies! Got a couple of them already? Save up and get the rest of them for a great office experience.

If you’re new to office work, this should help you get comfortable. A new environment can be stressful. With these right tools, you’re ready for anything.

It doesn’t end here. We have more guides to help you succeed.

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