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10 High CPC Niches for Adsense

High CPC Niche for AdSense:

Earning money online can be quite a difficult nut to crack if you have little to no knowledge about its functioning. Making money online can be quite hard if you are looking to monetize your blog solely based on ads.

To be a successful publisher and if you wish to earn money for yourself rather than for others, you need to have a lot of traffic visiting your website which is engaged by the ads being displayed on your website.

High CPC Niche for AdSense

The AdSense CPC that you get paid depends on the topics you present on your website or blog. Blogging helps you to earn money by creating and writing content. If you want to make a few cents you could always create the standard posts that you would want to display on your website. However, if you aim to draw maximum attention to your content and at the same time earn big moolah, then you need to play smart.

If you are serious about making money online using Adsense and establishing a successful business, then I have suggested a few of the top-paying keywords and industries that you could explore through your blog posts on your websites.

10 High CPC Niche for AdSense

Let’s see some of the best high CPC niches for AdSense which will help you increase your AdSense income. Using these top high CPC niche for AdSense, you can earn more with just a few clicks.

I don’t want to promise you something unusual here!

Although these are high CPC niche for AdSense at the same time, these are highly competitive niches as well. And so ranking in these niches are comparatively difficult. But once ranked, you will bank for sure.

1) Insurance

insurance niche CPC

Insurance is one of the sectors which takes regular investments and hence, it goes on for the long term. So it’s a top-rated business, and insurance companies are willing to pay vast sums of money to Google through Adwords for promoting your business. Out of the several insurances available, Car and Truck insurance are two of the highest paying Adsense niches. ‘Car insurance quotes; is one of its sub-niches and ‘Donate cars to charity’ is also a moderately paying keyword in this niche. You could also consider other reasonably paying sub-niches such as credit cards, colleges, online data backup, criminal attorneys that are also willing to generate a substantial amount of money.

2) Download Website

download niche cpc

Yes, you heard it right. Download websites also act as unique niches for Adsense CPC. There are two types of websites – Consume and click. Consume type sites are those where people go through the webpage and glance through the information. Click type websites are those where the ads engage people and click on them. Download websites generally have a high CTR than other sites. Thus, it is one of the most profitable niches for Adsense.

3) Automobile

Automobile Niche CPC

The automobile industry is one of the wealthiest industries on the planet. A single conversion can help you get a thousand conversions and thus generate the right amount of revenue for the company. Therefore, the industry is highly competitive and also has moderate conversions. This is because most of the time the translation would mean just collecting an email or phone contacts of potential buyers.

4) Travel and Accommodation

travel niche CPC

Travel agencies seem to be making the right amount of money these days. There is a considerable margin in the travel industry, and you can generate leads quickly in this industry. A travel agency helps you solve several issues such as accommodation, mode of travel, sightseeing, and also earns a massive commission in return. So attracting more customers is always beneficial for them. Some of the best travel and accommodation niches could be the best budget destinations, how to book the cheapest flights, how to plan a trip with a big group, and several others.

5) Marketing and Advertising

marketing niche cpc

To establish a brand, effective marketing is critical. Marketing and advertising agencies invest vast sums of money into their promotion because a single potential lead could help them generate vast amounts of money. If you target proper keywords, then this niche is a goldmine ready to be unearthed.

6) Health

Health Niche CPC

Health is another profitable niche for Adsense and high CPC niche for AdSense. And the other factor to consider here is that your blog post will be visited by people from developed countries as well as people from developing countries who are conscious about their health and wellness. Wellness niches are majorly browsed in the USA, Canada, and European nations, so there is a possibility of getting traffic from western countries which makes it high paying niches. Along with the health, niches like snus are also high paying. You can check more details on this here.

7) Technology

technology niche cpc

People have easy access to the Internet anywhere around the world. It brings us closer to a brighter future if appropriately used. Technology companies pay the right amount of money to Google to promote their creations. Let us take the example of Apple. Whenever a new iPhone or a new Apple product is launched, Apple pays Google to promote their product on its platform. This creates greater awareness about the device among the people, and Apple gains more potential buyers when someone clicks an ad on their website.

8) Blogging Tutorials

blogging niche cpc

Blogging tutorials are searched by every person who owns a blog and wants to create content based on blogging. Without visiting these pages, it may be difficult for a person to start blogging. The blog on this niche has a target audience, i.e. bloggers. The blogging profession is in at the moment, and several people wish to make a career out of it – either part-time or full time.

9) Personal Finance

Finance Niche CPC

Just like insurance, personal finance is another goldmine high CPC niche for AdSense. Personal finance is a need at all times and finance companies are on the constant lookout for clients everywhere. The internet is the best source to collect details on potential clients relating to all the possible prospects. Targeting proper keywords is vital here. Competition may be high here due to moderate conversions, but the high CPC compensates it all.

10) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

seo niche cpc

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique to make your webpage more user-friendly so that more people visit it. When you are on the lookout for several options of a particular search item in the search engine, but the first name that pops up when you search for this website – this is what SEO is all about. All niche blog owners find it necessary to get SEO techniques implemented. Without proper SEO, it may be challenging to generate a sufficient amount of traffic to your website.

Conclusion- Which is the best and High CPC Niche for AdSense for you?

So these are a few of the best niches to base your blog upon. If you are interested in any of these niches, make sure to blog on these to earn reasonable sums of money. It is necessary to be fully determined and knowledgeable about the topic that you choose. Or else it might be a tough cookie to crack.

Always choose a niche that has a well-established and robust market to earn money quickly. Let us know your views in the comments below and if you’ve come across any other high CPC niche for AdSense, please comment below. For more such content, please check the blogging section.

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