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10 Free Blogger Templates To Design Your Blog

10 Free Blogger Templates:

Blogging has turned out to be the most happening activity on the internet today. People have started taking it as a career path as you are able to put your thoughts and actions into words, being your boss in some way or the other.

However, just like everything else you need a certain amount of guidance to achieve the perfect blog post. The internet has been able to solve queries since a long time and even this is not a really problem for the Internet. Want to create the perfect blog post but don’t really understand how to make it engaging for your viewers? Don’t worry! A template might just be an answer to your question.

If you are a newcomer or someone who doesn’t really want to spend a bomb on your blogging activity, then a free and easy blog template might be an answer to your question. Here I have listed a few versatile, inexpensive and easy-going blogger templates that may help you to create, manage and beautify your blogpost effortlessly.

10 free blogger templates to create amazing blogs

Blogger is a free platform and help you create some amazing blogs. You can create free blog on blogspot easily. And use these 10 free blogger templates to design your blog. Let’s start and see which all best free blogger templates have made to the list.

1) Wordify


Wordify is a leading free blogger templates and power thousands of blogs. With a bootstrap framework, mobile friendly interface and responsive activity, Wordify is a creative and modern template. It helps you to beautify your content and make your website extremely user friendly. IT makes the whole process of creating your website a breeze.

The attention-grabbing framed slider makes you to grab your user’s attention to areas that need attention. It comes with a range of personalizing features and options, which helps you to design your website the way you want to. With Wordify, creating a website or blog is a cakewalk.

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2) Bounty

Bounty Theme

Bounty is another leading free blogger templates which is SEO optimized as well. This template creates a clean and user-friendly interface that will make your users jump for joy. This template is versatile and perfect for blogposts of all types such a professional, personal or business. It is armed with the Bootstrap framework which makes it extremely versatile for the end-users. It is highly customizable and can be made into website or a blog post of your choice, without any hassle.

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3) Fantom


This free blogging template is great for first time bloggers or even those who have built a career out of it. It’s HTML and CSS elements help the end-users to create blog articles and websites that are engaging and versatile.

You do not have to worry about your users getting bored of the design as its carousel styled slider, blogging oriented structure and customizable comments section gives a pleasant feel to the user each time he visits your blog or website. All in all, it is a free and amazing template that leaves you wanting for more.

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4) Ruft


If you are looking for a versatile and amazing blogging template, then Ruft is the perfect option for you. With an HTML coded structure and an advanced bootstrap structure, you can be rest assured that your choice will not go waste.

This blogging template provides you with a blank canvas so that you can be the architects of your own blog post. This site works amazingly to get your attention. This template also provides you with newsletter subscription forms, beautiful social media buttons and a filly functional comment slider that make this template one of the most amazing one’s out there.

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5) Balita


This template empowers all kinds of vlogging sites. Its HTML coding features gives you a full retina-display design that makes it subtle and easy on the eye. This also helps you to share your blog post or website on all digital and social media platforms. The HTML and CSS coding also ensures maximum SEO Optimization that helps to improve your websites performance and ensures multiple platform compatibility.

Other than that, this template comes with a sleek design, attractive comments sections and a wide range of rich blogging features that makes your website highly customizable. If you are looking for one of the best blogging templates on the web, this is one of those and that too, for the price of nothing.

6) Callie


This blogging template helps you to present news, magazines and newsletters in an engaging manner. It helps you to create a wide range of news and magazine blogging websites. The highly elegant and stylized website design will leave your readers swooning.

Apart from that, its bootstrap design with the CSS and HTML coding elements will help you ensure maximum compatibility with all platforms. This will also help readers to navigate through all your webpages in an easy manner. All in all, your experience with this free website template will definitely be fruitful.

7) Stuff


This blogging template emphasises on the need for focusing the user’s attention to the required details and create blog posts which are engaging and beautiful at the same time. This site has some amazing graphical elements and a custom menu that helps you to make your content and website accessible to all. All of this for the price of nothing.

Since this website uses CSS and HTML coding, you can customize it according to your requirements and carry out any design functionality with as few issues as possible.

8) Yummy


If you are someone who is into food blogging, then this blogging template should be perfect for you. Food review blogs are quite a trend these days, and with the Yummy template your reviews should be the go-to one’s for any foodie. It helps you to display food and recipes in a very attractive manner, which makes the content compelling and engaging at the same time. If your viewers are engaged to your content, they can share it on social media sites too. High definition images of food and a snappy looking website design will give several food aficionados the template they have always been looking for.

9) Fashion Blog

Fashion Blog

Creating clothing designs and coming up with ideas for people to wear can be a tough cookie to crack, however, this template will help you do all that and much more. Clothing and designing is all about making people feel well from within. Hence it needs to be presented in an elegant manner. Fashion Blog is one such website template that does just that. You can connect to the world using attractive ideas and opinions and present your thoughts in a respectable manner. It includes a wide array of font icons and pre-design templates.

10) Droppler


This template is a great option created for website designers, aspiring designers and photographers. These free blogger templates are basically for those who want to show their photos and videos to the world. It supports various video and photo formats that enables you to show several photos and videos in their own unique manner.
It is completely mobile friendly as it uses the Bootstrap framework. And also, helps to grab attention of users from all areas and platforms.

Free Blogger Templates


You can create your blog with these 10 free blogger templates. These are SEO optimized blogger template and are available for free. All these blogger templates are with rich features and help you create amazing blogs.

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