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A Beginners Guide to Facebook Ad Creation

More than two billion people around the world use Facebook. And so,you can think of how beneficial will be to get started with Facebook ads. In this post, we’re going to talk about Facebook Ad Creation Beginners Guide.

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The Facebook news feed provides a stream of information from users’ friends, family, and things they’re interested in. With so many people on Facebook, you can connect your business to the right people, right when they’re open to discovery.

Facebook Ad Creation Beginners Guide

Here’s a tutorial on the Facebook ad creation process.

#1 Set Up a Business Page

If you don’t have your business Facebook page set up yet, you’ll need to get that done before you can set up your ad account. Before you can run any ads, you need an ad account set up and ready to go.

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You only have to do it one time, and then it’s ready for you to use after that as often as you like.

#2 Initial Ad Setup

When you log in to Facebook, you always log in with your personal profile. Your news feed should be blocked from showing, so it doesn’t distract you from working.

initial ad setup

Click on the pointer in the upper right and then click on create ads. When you click on the pointer, Facebook is going to take you to the Ads Manager section.

To actually create an ad, you have to start through the process of setting the ad manager.

#3 Ad Targeting

Choose from options like age, gender, location and their interests like biking, cooking or gadgets, and so much more. You can even reach people by the specific device they used to check Facebook like computers, phones, and tablets.

facebook ad targetting

Using partner categories, you can understand what people like to do off Facebook too, like if they want to buy a car or shop for premium pet food.

Your audience can be narrow or broad. It’s all about who you want to reach.

When your ad runs, only the people with the traits you picked will see it. This makes Facebook a really efficient way to reach new customers and grow your business.

#4 Custom Audiences

With custom audiences, you can advertise for people you already know. For example, if you have the e-mails or phone numbers of people you do business with, ads can help you reach them on Facebook. You can run ads to reach existing customers or exclude them from ads to meet new ones.

When you upload customer information, it’s used in a secure, anonymous and safe way. Knowing how to create a Facebook ad can enable you to reach people while keeping their identities private and secure.

And with lookalike audiences, you confine it even more to people who are similar to your customers.

#5 Improve Your Facebook Ad Creation

With just a click, Facebook can connect your business to groups of people similar to your customers. These are people who like your page and shop on your website or app.

Facebook shows people relevant ads based on who they are and what interests them. By learning how to navigate the Facebook ad creation process, your business can enjoy an efficient and powerful way to reach customers.

Check out our blog to learn how to improve your online marketing campaigns. This was all about Facebook Ad Creation Beginners Guide. You can get started with Facebook ads using this and then can scale it up.

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