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5 Blogging growth tips for 2021

Blogging is no longer just a hobby project and there are thousands of bloggers making living out of it. There are bloggers who are making millions every year from blogging.

Even, I earn a decent amount every month from blogging and I am going to share my top 5 blogging growth tips for 2021. You can also follow these strategies to grow your blog and make living out of it. These top blogging growth tips are fairly simple, just the implementation is something you should be worried about.

Without wasting any further time, let’s go straight to the blogging growth tips for 2021.

#1 Understand your audience

This is very important!

You should first understand your audience. For this, you can take the help of analytics tools like Google Analytics or Bing analytics. These tools basically show you the details about the traffic on your blog. From this, you can get many details like-

  • Demographic details
  • Gender
  • Device information on which sites have been opened
  • Age details of your audience
  • Which pages they are following and more

By looking at these details, you can get an idea of what kind of users you’re getting. And then try to make a plan for sharing the content/videos according to your audience. Let’s say you’re the majority of the users are female, then probably you can share more content related to females. You may promote more products which are centric to female to increase the conversion.

#2 Be consistent

This is another top blogging growth tips for 2021. Usually, your regular visitors will keep visiting your site with the hope to find new content. But if you’re irregular then they won’t find it. And if this will be repeated, they might stop visiting your blog. Eventually, you’re losing your quality visitor. This should not be done and make a practice of posting regularly.

No matter how many contents you’re planning to share per month, make it on a regular interval,s and don’t change that frequently.

For example, I just post 4 new posts every month that means 1/week. But I always try to do it every Tuesday. This way my visitors already know when the new content is getting live.

#3 Make use of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a money-making technique where you recommend certain products to your users. These products are of someone else (example- from Amazon). And when someone buys from your link, you get a small commission on it (example- Amazon usually provides between 1-7% commission based on the category).As you’re already an influencer (check more details here) for your readers and so if you recommend some products, they may buy it and you earn a good commission. There are many products you can promote like-

  • Products from Amazon
  • Hosting products (usually gives > %50 commission)
  • Clickbank products
  • SaaS products (high commission) and more

You should identify your audience and then start promoting it for the maximum chances of conversion. I have an affiliate site with just 300 users per month and I earn around $50 per month from it.

#4 Email Marketing

Yes, this is another one in making money from your blog. Try to capture the emails of your visitors and then send them regular updates. You may use MailChimp for free to capture and send emails to your subscribers. You can use your list for sending emails related to your new posts, initiatives, and to promote some products/service as well. This is a pretty effective way of online marketing.

#5 Variate your content

Let’s say you’re starting a new blog. When you plan your content, mix that up.

That means, you should have some of the initial posts as money-making and when you gain some authority, start creating some posts which can give you some bucks. This means probably some posts where you have some affiliate link to earn some commission. This way, you can have a balanced blog.


These were the top 5 blogging growth tips for 2021. You can also follow these tips which I follow to get blogging from which you can make your living. For the best of benefits, try to get some authority, and that way you will influence your readers. You can read here about the success story of one such influencer.

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