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12 Best WordPress Plugins for Dating Sites

It’s not surprising that WordPress is quite popular among dating site owners and developers because they can find many plugins to enhance the capabilities of projects in the system. Moreover, the vast majority of such WordPress dating plugins are free and easy to install.

WordPress dating plugins

These best WordPress dating plugins will help with the solution of various tasks – from improving the functionality and usability of web pages to attracting customers and Russian singles and improving the security of the site. So, here are some of the best WordPress dating plugins which you can use on your dating website.

10 best WordPress dating plugins for 2019

These are some of the top WordPress dating plugins which you can use for the best help from dating sites. Some of these are free WordPress dating plugins while others are premium WordPress dating plugins. I have tried to use mix this WordPress dating plugins with different type like- analytics, leads, contacts, ads etc. So, this you can make a perfect dating site.

1. Finteza Analytics

Finteza Analytics

This is a free web analytics plugin with virtually unlimited web analytics. It tracks the number of visitors of a dating site, their geography, languages, and devices used by them, page views, and other things. Using Finteza, you can view data and sources of conversions and get an estimate of the quality of traffic with the identification of bots. It is the best plugin for various metrics to assess your traffic and a wide toolkit for optimizing conversion. Finteza can be called a “professional” in the world of web analytics.

2. Autoptimaze


It optimizes the work of the Internet resource and accelerates its work. The plugin has enough options for customization. All data enters the system in full and without delay. At the same time, everything is free and without limitation on the number of sessions being tracked.

3. Duplicator

Duplicator Plugin

This is a tool designed to create a copy of a dating site or transfer it to another domain address. When making any changes to the work of the resource, its backup is created, allowing you to always return to the original version. With the help of this plugin, all actions are performed on copying. It is free but not yet translated into many languages.

4. Contact Form 7

contact form 7

This is a convenient and free application for installing a feedback form on a website. With this module, you can also place a questionnaire on the site. The plugin is simple to configure and has many useful options. You can check more about contact form 7 here.

5. Polylang


This plugin translates articles, headings, and other materials from different languages. With Polylang, you can easily make your site multilingual and attract more users.

6. Easy FancyBox

Easy FancyBox

This is a plugin that allows you to work with images. The picture posted on a dating site opens in a pop-up window. Installing Easy FancyBox, any image on the site will open in the adjacent tab when zoomed.

7. Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator

It allows you to analyze site traffic. In addition to the number of visitors, the plugin captures the behavior of users: which links they click on, which ones, and where the transitions take, etc. You can install the plugin for free, but its settings page is available only in English.

8. Cookie Law Info

Cookie Law Info

Here is a plugin that places a banner on a site that notifies visitors about the implementation of EU law (allowing the use of cookies). Compliance with the requirements of the law is necessary for full-fledged work with Google, in particular, the use of Google AdSense functionality.

9. WP Google Fonts

goole fonts

This plugin allows you to add any fonts from Google to the current site theme. Such a function is necessary if the general parameters of the theme suit the site owners, but they want to change the style or font of writing the content. This plugin can be downloaded for free in English. Here are some best Google fonts for blogs which you can use.

10. WP-PageNavi

WP PageNavi Plugin

If there is no page navigation on your dating site or it doesn’t look nice, then the WP-PageNavi plugin will solve this problem. This plugin displays page-by-page navigation using code. In the Settings menu, you can customize the appearance of pagination. But it may be difficult for beginners to use it.

11. WP Mingle

WP Mingle Plugin

WP Mingle is another top WordPress dating plugins which can turn your WP website into a social network like Facebook. So, WP mingle can make your website like Facebook or Instagram. The best thing with WP Mingle plugin is, you can even make it a premium membership website. Although the plugin has not got some good reviews but I have personally tried it and has worked perfectly.

12. WP Symposium Pro

WP Symposium Pro

WP Symposium Pro is another social network plugin for WordPress which you can use to convert a dating site to social site. The plugin offers you features like forum, activity, member directory, private mail, notification panel, RSS activity and much more. This top WordPress dating plugins has got some amazing reviews by the users on WordPress site.

Conclusion- Which all WP dating plugin you need

These were some 12 best WordPress dating plugins which you can use on your dating website. Let’s try these WordPress dating plugins and make your dating site work amazingly.

If you’ve tried some other WP plugins as well, please share those in comment and we will include here in the list. For more WordPress related tutorials, you can check our WordPress section.

Best WP Dating Plugins


You can use these best WordPress dating plugins to create a perfect dating site in 2019. These will help you make a perfect dating site and features like a social networking site.

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