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4 Best Office Gadgets You Have to See to Believe

The average worker is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes during a typical eight-hour workday.

unproductive hours in office
Unproductive Hours In Office

That’s a lot of wasted time! If you’re looking to increase your productivity throughout the workday, make use of office gadgets.

Office gadgets that make your job easier are a welcome addition to any work life. Check out these new pieces of tech that will change the way you work.

4 Best Office Gadgets to Help you

Let’s see which are some of the best office gadgets which can help you manage at work amazingly. These are cheap and you can get online or from the local market. I would also like to know what other tools you use. Please share those in the comment.

1. Solar USB Charger

solar power bank

Odds are you have a lot of different technology in your office. All that technology can make it a juggling task to make sure all your devices are charged with limited outlet space.

But a solar USB charger is one of the productivity gadgets that combat this issue. Place one of these chargers near a window and you’ll have a fully charged back-up battery available when your low battery light turns on.

These are also great for all the digital nomads out there who change their workspace often.

2. Mobile Desk

mobile desk

Standing desks and treadmill desks are all the rage lately. But a mobile desk is the best desk to increase your productivity.

These desks, like the name states, are completely mobile. There are many different sizes depending on your space needs, but all have wheels on the bottom of the legs.

So the next time you feel your productivity waning, take a break to move your desk to a new location. Studies show that changing up your environment positively benefits your productivity.

3. Ember Ceramic Mug

Ember Ceramic Mug

If you’re looking for cool gadgets, invest in an Ember Ceramic Mug.

When your productivity and energy levels start to fade and you reach for your coffee, it’s often cold. Then you have to spend time reheating your coffee or making a whole new batch. That break halts any flow or rhythm you had in your work.

Instead, the Ember Ceramic Mug has temperature controls that connect to an app. You get to choose your preferred drink temperature, and the smart technology will take care of the rest. Time Magazine even named this product one of the best inventions.

4. Smart Writing Set

Smart Writing Set

One of the best office tech gadgets is Moleskin’s smart writing set.

This smart paper tablet digitally records every mark your pen makes in the tablet. Your freehand notes turn into a digital file, which you can then share and save in multiple formats.

After you write your notes and transfer them to yourself digitally, you can run them through an online grammar checker. Not only will your handwritten notes turn into professionally typed information, but your writing will also be error free.

Get to Work with the Best Office Gadgets

Use these office gadgets to make your work easier and your day more productive.

But don’t find yourself completely relying on gadgets to get your work done. Use the gadgets in combination with checklists and noise canceling headphones. When you combine all these elements, you can increase your productivity levels.

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