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Use These iOS Emulators to Run iOS Apps on Windows PC

Top 10 iOS Emulator for Windows:

We have always, at some point or other in life, been fascinated by the charm and worldly applications of the iPhone. But the problem here is: not all of us have the ability to own an iPhone. Also, you could try all of their apps only if you own an iPhone.

With that being said, there are plenty of apps and features now available on iOS that you will not be able to find on a Windows or Android Operating System. Even though some of these apps have been adopted by Windows and Android, most of them have still a long way to go and have to be customized to be used on laptops and desktops.

10 best iOS Emulator for Windows

As a part of our objective to provide you easy solutions and tools to meet your tech issues, we have tried to enlist a few iOS emulator for Windows, which will enable you to access the best of iOS applications on your Windows pc.



With a clean and user-friendly User Interface, this app has everything that a true iPad lover hopes and dreams of. It helps you to easily emulate any iPad device and makes your Windows desktop work just like and Apple laptop. You could run several apps using this laptop such as the Apple Watch, iMessage and Siri.

The only downfall for this app is that it doesn’t really help you to emulate all the apps on iOS. This could be a let-down. Nonetheless, the features are great and will keep you wanting for more. It is also an extremely popular choice in the market.

2) Air iPhone Emulator- free ios emulator for windows

Air iPhone Emulator

A complete package in itself and a perfect iOS emulator for windows. Air iPhone is another amazing option available in the market. With the help of this emulator, you can make or receive calls, download and install iOS apps and games and also send voice messages. This is one of the best options after the iPadian as you can enjoy the majority of the apps available on iOS without having to spend an extra buck. If you need an emulator that reflects the iPhone interface on your desktop, then the Air iPhone is the best option for you.

3) Smartface- Leading ios emulator for pc


This is the most common platform used by several developers for developing the perfect cross-platform iOS applications. If you are looking for an iOS emulator for windows, then this is another good option to consider. This app comes in free and premium versions, so you can easily opt for any of the two depending upon your budget and requirement. However, the paid version comes at $99 for a year and hence, you can also opt for its free version. Do not worry – the free version is just as amazing as the paid version.

4) Xamarin Testflight- best ios emulator for windows

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is one of the apps which is compatible with all the versions of Windows, so you need not to worry about the version of Windows you own. Although it is not a free app, you may be required to create and iTunes Free Record Account at first to start using this app. However, rest assured, it is one worth every penny.

It allows you to run all the iOS apps and games on your Windows PC without any interruptions.

With a user-friendly interface, this application should be the perfect option who wish to access all the apps on iOS, without worrying about spending an extra buck or two.


This app is for those who want to use a trial version at first and only switch to the premium plan if they are satisfied with the product. This app is very simple to download and navigate and can be run on Windows, Safari or even Firefox.

The only problem faced by several users with this app is that it takes longer for the apps to load. It may even take up to 30 minutes to load completely. However, it all depends upon the user’s requirement and you can switch to another emulator if this one is not up to the mark.

6) MobieOne Studio- free ios emulator for windows

mobieone studio

This emulator can be used to run all the iOS apps and games on your PC. This app is nothing but a dream come true for developers. It can be used to develop not just iOS apps but also Android apps and games. The only problem here is it is not available for free.

If you are a developer you wish to develop an app, this emulator will perfectly guide you through and serve you with the required technical knowledge. It is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 10.

7) best ios emulator for pc


This app is always being compared to the app. However, there is a conception among people that this app is better than This app is also used by developers to develop applications for Android and iOS. It comes with a trial period of 100 minutes, after which a charge of $0.05 per minute is imposed on its usage. All in all, this app is perfect for developers who have always wanted to test their creations.

8) Ripple Emulator

ripple emulator

This app is the perfect tool for testing HTML-5 based apps. Although it helps you in developing other iOS apps, it is not really the perfect choice when it comes to its comparison with several other of its counterparts.
It is basically a simple emulator which helps you to run many iOS functionalities, so you can run several other apps.

9) Nintendo 3DS Emulator


IT is a virtual console which you can use on your computer. It has received several amazing reviews from its users and is one of the top choices when it comes to playing games using the Nintendo 3DS emulator.

This creates a virtual console on your desktop, making it easy to play games of your choice. In the end, it is one of the best and high-end considerations in the market.

10) Dolphin Emulator v5.0 APK

dolphine emulator

This app allows you to play Nintendo Wii games on your Android phone. This is a free version of the Android app and can be downloaded for free.

It provides easy emulation for to your phone or tablet, helping you to play games of your choice.


Everybody or someone we know has always been fond of Apple. However, due to insufficient funds or lack of willingness, we tend to lose out on the idea of purchasing an iPhone. The above apps will help you get a feel of iPhone without having to shell out any extra bucks.

Feel free to drop in comments about the above ios emulator for windows and let us know your thoughts.

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