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10 Best Free movie download sites

The craze of the movie in people can be easily seen. Whenever we get time we want to see the movie. But many people who do not know about sites they get confused and disheartened. So, this best free movie download sites post is for you.

This post will give you some pretty awesome free movie download sites from which you can download movies easily.
So, from now download movies of your favourite actor and actress and enjoy your weekend. Here is the list full of suggestions and guideline which are mentioned below for future reference at any time.

Best Free movie download sites

The best thing with these best free movie download sites are, it is completely legal to watch and download. Also, if some sites are not working in your area, feel free to use VPN and access.

Let’s start and see those 10 best free movie download sites and enjoy watching and downloading movies.

10 best free movie download sites

Here are those leading best free movie download sites using which you can watch and download movies. These are also the best online movie streaming websites. We’ve done our best to select the best free movie download sites. But if you think there should be any other which needs your attention, please comment.

1. Retrovision TV- Best Online movie streaming site


Many of us do not know about this website but Retrovision is a completely free site to download movie. Whether you like classics or romantic, you can easily find them here. Retrovision has an android app named classic UHF so that you will be able to watch movie in one go.

You do not have to struggle to find your favorite genre because it has organised that pretty well. You just have to pick up your favorite one and the process of downloading is very simple.


2. YouTube- Best legal movie download site


Who is not a fan of YouTube? So yeah it is also a source of watching movies for free. But there are some particular movies and TV shows which you could see without investing your money.

YouTube has some illustrious channels such as The Paramount Vault which let you enjoy classic films.

3. The Internet Archive- Legal movie streaming site

The Internet Archive

It is topping the list of free websites to download movie. The Internet Archive gives you direct links for downloading but sometimes the link fails if the size of the file is large. It let you generate free virtual library card which let you employ to forums, upload videos, bookmark favourite content etc. So without wasting your time visit this site and enjoy your favourite movie with your friends in the company of popcorn.

4. Pluto TV- Best free online movie download site

Pluto TV

Have you heard about Pluto TV? If not, then you must know because what you are searching Pluto is the one. It let you watch free online movies more than 75+ TV channels from different genres. For making it more comfortable it has been divide into different categories such as news, Movies, tech, TV, sports, and other illustrious sections.

5. MoviesFoundOnline- Free movie download site


If you are a fan of comedy shows or movies then you must try MoviesFound once. Because this website provides free movies, TV shows, Independent films and stand – comedy videos. Whatever is your taste everything is there! Be it classic, documentaries and comedy movies, you could download in one go.

6. Classic Cinema Online- Online free movie download site

Classic Cinema Online

This might be sounding old to you but it gives every sort of movie whether be it old or new. But if you have extra love for classics then I am sure you are going to fall for this website. You will definitely suggest to your friends. It has classics like Bye Bye Birdie, Mobey Dick (everyone is a huge fan of literature based movie Mobey Dick), Lone Ranger and many other movies.

It has different categories for picking up favourite genre or actors. So I think you should not waste your time instead on your data start downloading your favourite movie and call your friends even tell them, they will be surprised.

7. PopcornFlix- Free movie streaming website


It has been named especially from movie purpose. So this website truly takes care of your every need. It has authorized public domain movies and original content, so you do not need to be worried about now for downloading from illegal sites and risking your life. Here on this site, you do not need to spend a single pounce of your money and you could see content on any available devices to you Cool no? Is it not? So do not waste your time to be part of Popcorn Flix. Enjoy your free time and learn something movie.

Moreover on popcorn flix you will be able to access thousand of movie with multiple categories. So be it comedy, drama, action, romantic or horror you can watch now for free. Or if you were hunting some additional stuff then that is too available here your TV shows and full national geographic series catalog.

8. Open Culture- TV shows free download

Open Culture

If your motto is to not just download movies but in a good quality then open culture is perfect for you. It has so many features if anyone will know the person would definitely is going to fall for this website. Here you can access free online movies, free online courses and free dialect lessons. So what do you want more? Nothing can be as best as the Open culture.

You can easily access its six main categories; online courses, Textbooks, Language Lessons, e-books, Audiobooks, and Movies. The best part about this website is it has the best collection in movies which you were seeking out since long. So, download more than 1,150 free movies online, some of them are Oscar-winning movies.

9. Crackle- Free video download sites


You must know about this website if you watch KBC on Sony. This website belongs to Sony. For being part of this site you just need to sign up, generate a watch list and their website will be full of suggestions based on priorities.

If you are 50 times big fan of Harry patter series still willing to watch that or want to keep its collection, you may download from Crackle. It gives choices of downloading illustrious movies and TV shows that you will hardly find free. It has some awesome offers are Seinfeld, Firefly, Sports Jeopardy and much more. It is accessible to both Android and iOS.

10. The Roku Channel- Legal free movie download website

The Roku Channel

So, this (Roku channel) one can be counted on this list of the free downloading movie. It has currently launched a free streaming channel. You do not need to buy Roku hardware because it is available even without Roku hardware. It has many famous movies such as The Matrix Triology, Last Knights etc.

But this channel is accessible in the United States. For using this you will have to employ VPN. It allows privacy for you.


These were the 10 best free movie download sites which you can use movies legally. If any of these best free movie download sites are not working in your area, then you can use VPN to access those websites.

Also, all these free video download sites offer you watch movies online. You can use these best free movie download websites to watch movies, TV shows, web series as well. If you found any better sites which need mention here, please comment below.

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