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Best Sites Like 8tracks For Free Music & Live Radio

If you’re a music lover, you must have heard of the site 8tracks. They are one of the best songs download sites. It helps you discover the best playlist and make your own.

You can get unlimited and ad-free music for free for 14 days and after that, they charge $4.99 per month. And that is the reason, people start looking for the 8trakcs alternatives.

8tracks alternatives

In this post, we’re going to talk about the best alternatives to 8tracks. These sites like 8trakcs help you create and discover your own playlist of music. You can also download mp3 songs using these 8tracks alternatives.

8tracks alternatives- top 7 sites

Let’s start and look for some best 8tracks alternatives which will help you download mp3 songs for free. You can also search for the songs/music and make your own playlists.

I’ve tried to make the list best but if you think I have missed any good sites like 8tracks, please share in the comment section.

#1 Deezer


Deezer is one of the best alternatives to 8tracks offering you internet-based music streaming services. You can search and listen to music from the groups like EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. With 40 million+ tracks and 30k+ radio channel, Deezer is one of the largest music streaming sites as well.

As per the current record, Deezer has over 16 million active users with 6 million paid customers as well. The only problem with Deezer is, it might not be available in your country if you’re from tier 2 countries.

Deezer Pricing and Features
  • Pricing: Freemium; Paid between $6-$9
  • Features: Automatic Lyrics Finder, Chromecast support IFTTT integration, Internet radio, Lightweight Media Streaming, Music Library Stream audio
  • Supported Devices: Web, Android, FireOS, macOS, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, and Symbian
  • Website: deezer.com

#2 Spotify

SpotifySpotify is another leading alternative to 8tracks. It is a commercial music streaming site having dedicated digital right. If you’re a fan of the bands and channels like Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal, Spotify is for you.

You can browse through the music by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label. Even you can make a direct search for your choice. The company offers music streaming and downloading for both- free and paid users. Although free users will have limited access but those are also in huge amount.

Spotify Pricing and Features
  • Pricing: Freemium; paid varies between $3-$10
  • Features: Collaborative Playlists, Create Playlist, IFTTT integration, Integrated Search, Internet radio, Last.FM Scrobbler, Mobile friendly, Media Streaming, Music discovery, Music Library, Night mode/Dark Theme, Works Offline, Personalized recommendations, Portable Selecting, songs Stream, audio Unlimited music.
  • Supported Devices: Android and iOS devices and desktop computers

#3 Last.fm

Last.fmWe even listed last.fm in our best mp3 download sites free and listing here again for sites like 8tracks. I personal love last.fm due to it’s amazing collection and features. Even if you’re a free user, they’ve a lot to give you.

Last.fm keeps a record on what you listen the most and based on that the site will make you recommendations. The best thing with last.fm is, it is available worldwide like the above 2 sites- Deezer and Spotify.

Last.fm Pricing and Features
  • Pricing: Freemium; Paid plan available at $3 per month
  • Features: Scrobbling, Free tier available, High audio quality at 128 Kbs
  • Supported device: Web, iOS, Android

#4 iTunes

iTunesiTunes is the official store from Apple having millions of music. Although iTunes is majorly famous for the music, but you can still have TV shows, movies, etc. as well. You can enjoy and organize music, movies, and TV shows. They’ve more than 50 million songs and movies.

You can start with iTunes with free with on-demand music stations. These music stations have been revamped completely by the experts of Apple. Also, the best thing with iTunes is, you can also enjoy it on PC. Also, the store is available across all geographic location. You can download the songs for offline streaming.

iTunes Pricing and Features
  • Pricing: Freemium; paid pricing ranges between $0.60-$1.99
  • Features: ALAC support, Access the AppStore, Auto volume, Crossfading, Internet radio, iPhone/iPod sync, Music Library, Music store, Playlists management, Selecting songs, Sync iTunes Libraries
  • Supported device: Windows, iPhone, iPad

#5 Playmoss

PlaymossPlaymoss is known to be the home of the playlists and is one of the best 8tracks alternatives. So, if you’re looking for the free 8track alternative. You can create the playlists using tracks and music videos from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and more.

You can find the songs listed on Playmoss categorized in different sections like- music type, genre, and more. You can also search for the music on the Playmoss. To get started with the site, you just need to sign up for free and start browsing for the music.

Playmoss Pricing and Features
  • Pricing: Freemium; Paid plan ranges between $0-$5
  • Features: Collaborative Playlists, Music discovery
  • Supported Device: Windows, Web, Android, iPhone

#6 Jamendo

JamendoJamendo is another site like 8tracks offering you the music solutions. It is a platform for free, legal and unlimited music which are available under Creative Commons (CC) licenses. And so, you can download this music for free and can use for both personal and commercial uses.

Jamendo is also known to be one of the best free music download sites. You can stream music and download as well. Jamendo offers 2-week free trial which you can use and after that can go for the paid subscriptions. If you’re an artist, you can upload your own music as well. Songs are categorized in different categories and also, they have a search option to look for something quickly.

Jamendo Pricing and Features
  • Pricing: Free; for background music, you can buy starting at $4.99
  • Features: Music discovery, no registration required, Open for commercial uses a swell
  • Supported Device: Web, Android, iPhone, Blackberry
  • Web: jamendo.com/start

#7 Jango

JangoJango is another leading alternative to 8tricks offering you free music solutions. And so, you can say Jango as the free 8tricks alternatives. Jango makes online music easy and fun. So, Jango is more of a radio station rather than the library for the songs. Just type the artist name for whom you are looking to listen to the song, and the system will start playing it for free.

You can also share your music taste with others for free and this is really an amazing feature to enjoy your taste with others.

Jango Pricing and Features
  • Pricing: Free
  • Features: Internet Radio, Free
  • Supported Device: Web, Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Web: jango.com


These were the top 7 8tracks alternatives which you can try. All these are amazing alternatives to 8tracks and reliable as well. You can create the playlist of your music and can also listen to live radio stations.

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