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3 Benefits of Team Building in an Escape Room

It was all a lie!

They promised you the vacation of a lifetime. Yet when you and your friends arrived, there was chaos everywhere.

Zombies were wreaking havoc all over the town, and now they’re pounding on your hotel room door. Will you and your teammates escape the room in time, or meet a more deadly fate?

benefits of team building

Escape rooms offer a thrilling opportunity for employees to work together as a team. The benefits of team building are long-lasting and can help your company thrive. Read on to learn the top 3 reasons escape rooms make incredible teams.

Top Benefits of Team Building

Employees who participate in an escape room experience will have a chance to grow together. Here are some of the top benefits of team-building exercises.

  • Active Listening
  • Building Trust
  • Team Identity

Let’s take a look at how each of these benefits plays out in the escape rooms.

1. Learning to Listen

During their attempt to escape, employees will be working against a strict time limit. As they work together to solve clues in each new setting, they’ll have to listen to each other’s ideas and fast.

Having to quickly pay attention helps team members remember the importance of listening. Every word spoken is precious. There isn’t any time to spare as you race to beat the odds and bring your team to victory!

When employees learn to listen in a fun environment, they lay a foundation for new habits. Their brain will tell them, “I like listening to my coworkers, it’s thrilling!”.

The next time you have a company meeting, employees will want to actively listen to each other’s plans. Exciting new ideas on how your company can get funding, or increase sales, will be heard by everyone!

2. Better Than a Trust Fall

Trust is built by discovering you can rely on the other team members. While solving each puzzle, employees will excel in different areas. Certain riddles will involve creative thinking, while others will call upon an eye for detail.

Did you know that when you trust someone your body releases a feel-good hormone, oxytocin? As the oxytocin travels through your bloodstream, your entire body will feel a general sense of well being.

Imagine it. An office of employees who are truly content, because they trust each other.

3. Passionate Team-Mates

Finally, escape rooms give you a unique chance to create team identities. The intense nature of escape rooms will instantly foster team spirit and a sense of adventure.

Creating team identities makes employees feel like they belong. The validation they feel after completing the escape challenge will carry over into their everyday work duties. The best thing about a good team is, the business can succeed. For example, let’s talk about this business which requires a lot of effort due to limited advertisement. But still, a good team can wonder here.

Improve Turnover Rates

Learning the benefits of team building is a great way to keep your turnover rates low. Employees who feel like they are an important part of the team are 87% more likely to stay than other employees.

Iterians is happy to provide you with the best tips and tricks to make life better. Do you want to know more ways to improve your employee retention? Check out our article about the 10 best hiring practices for low employee turnover.

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